Useful CSS classes

Useful CSS classes for custom Css: Class Can be used for .cf7-labels-field CF7 Labels (input fields) .cf7-icon-field CF7 Icons (input fields ) .cf7-common-field For the fields which uses both icons and labels (input fields) .cf7-form-labels CF7 labels (label tags) .cf7-form-icons CF7 icons (Icon tags) .cf7-label-field:focus ~ .cf7-form-labels, .cf7-common-field:focus ~ .cf7-form-labels for labels (when field gets focused) label.field-has-value for labels … Continue reading Useful CSS classes


How to use CF7 Icons and Labels

Just add below classes in the field for which you want to add label or icon: //------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.0 -------------------------------------------------------// For icons :- wpcf7-fa-icon-fa-icon-name* (visit here to copy icon names) For Labels :- wpcf7-label-Full_name* *Replace underline text with your own, as shown in below image (Screenshot 1.0) Screenshot 1.0 //------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.1 -------------------------------------------------------// For icons :- cf7-fa-icon-fa-icon-name* (visit … Continue reading How to use CF7 Icons and Labels