Useful CSS classes

Useful CSS classes for custom Css:

Class Can be used for
.cf7-labels-field CF7 Labels (input fields)
.cf7-icon-field CF7 Icons (input fields )
.cf7-common-field For the fields which uses both icons and labels (input fields)
.cf7-form-labels CF7 labels (label tags)
.cf7-form-icons CF7 icons (Icon tags)
.cf7-label-field:focus ~ .cf7-form-labels,
.cf7-common-field:focus ~ .cf7-form-labels
for labels (when field gets focused)
label.field-has-value for labels when field has some value
icon.field-has-value for icons when field has some value
.field-has-value for fields which has some value
.wpcf7-not-valid ~ .cf7-form-labels for labels (when field has error)
.wpcf7-not-valid ~ .cf7-form-icons for icons (when field has error)
.cf7-submit To enable icon for submit button



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