Useful CSS classes

Useful CSS classes for custom Css: Class Can be used for .cf7-labels-field CF7 Labels (input fields) .cf7-icon-field CF7 Icons (input fields ) .cf7-common-field For the fields which uses both icons and labels (input fields) .cf7-form-labels CF7 labels (label tags) .cf7-form-icons CF7 icons (Icon tags) .cf7-label-field:focus ~ .cf7-form-labels, .cf7-common-field:focus ~ .cf7-form-labels for labels (when field gets focused) label.field-has-value for labels … Continue reading Useful CSS classes


Features – CF7 Icons and Labels

Mainly this plugin will provide you the ability to add fontawesome icons & Labels and you can also use CSS animation for the same. Features : Add icons. Add labels. Validate blank fields. Change color for alerts to the icons and labels in case of errors.

How to use CF7 Icons and Labels

Just add below classes in the field for which you want to add label or icon: //------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.0 -------------------------------------------------------// For icons :- wpcf7-fa-icon-fa-icon-name* (visit here to copy icon names) For Labels :- wpcf7-label-Full_name* *Replace underline text with your own, as shown in below image (Screenshot 1.0) Screenshot 1.0 //------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.1 -------------------------------------------------------// For icons :- cf7-fa-icon-fa-icon-name* (visit … Continue reading How to use CF7 Icons and Labels